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OLIVE AI moving their corporate HQ to the former Anthem building on High St. in Worthington. The press release can be found here

WARD's response to City Council's January 18th resolution regarding the former UMCH property can be found here.

City Council Dec. 13 2021

Worthington City Council voted unanimously at its December 13, 2021 meeting to deny the development proposal submitted by Lifestyle Communities (LC) for the former United Methodist Children's Home (UMCH) property.

If LC wants to submit a new application, it must wait at least six months after the October 2021 Municipal Planning Commission recommendation of denial, which would be mid-April 2022.

The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) voted to deny requests to rezone three sections of East Wilson Bridge Road.

October 14, 2021 MPC/ARB denies current application by Lifestyle Communities to rezone and redevelop the former UMCH property. Here is the link to the video recording of the meeting. https://worthingtonoh.new.swagit.com/videos/141728

Who is WARD?

The primary reason for WARD’s (Worthington Alliance for Responsible Development) existence is advocacy for responsible development in the City of Worthington. Our decision in 2021 to form a PAC (Political Action Committee) is to support and elect those candidates who are like-minded and share our community’s concern for responsible development.

At the time of formation of WARD the immediate threat was a Giant Eagle on the United Methodist Children Home property. That overdevelopment idea has been followed by the latest Lifestyle Communities LLC proposal for 600 residential units, including 420 apartments in four and five story blocks. At 2 residents per unit this would increase Worthington's total population by 8.5% on just 25 acres. It's that dense. The plan also calls for 1362 parking spaces and of greenspace there is precious little.

Please read WARD’s White Paper for further understanding and contact WARD at wardworthington@gmail.com with questions and suggestions. Donations, both large and small are welcome in advocating candidates who are committed to responsible development.

WARD (Worthington Alliance for Responsible Development) was formed in 2012 by a considerable number of concerned residents to prevent development that would overwhelm our neighborhoods and to encourage responsible policy, planning and leadership. WARD's vision for the use of the former UMCH property is memoralized in its White Paper. The link to this White Paper is here

League of Woman Voters Candidate's Night Video

WARD Endorses: Brewer, Duffey, Robinson, Sutton for Worthington City Council

The upcoming City Council election in November is likely to have profound effects on the development of UMCH. For the first time in years, it seems likely that development on UMCH can finally move forward.

There are 4 seats up for election. WARD interviewed all 6 candidates. WARD is endorsing the four candidates listed below because they are most closely aligned with WARD's vision for UMCH.

(selecting the candidate's name will take you to their web page and their social media sites are listed below.)

Katy Brewer

Mike Duffey

David Robinson

Maggie Sutton

This vision for the UMCH property was presented in WARD's White Paper, 2018.

  • UMCH can become a vibrant, centrally located asset to be enjoyed by the entire community for generations to come

  • WARD envisions the largest portion of a 24.5 acre parcel in the center and rear of the property as an open contiguous public space for the common good

  • Worthington needs more housing options. A smaller portion of the 24.5 acres can be developed for residents who want to age in place and younger buyers who are entering home ownership, all adjoining a beautiful park

  • Our city needs to generate income tax revenue from development of the UMCH site in order to develop and maintain it. WARD supports the establishment of businesses with high salaried positions in the ten acres of land along High Street already zoned for commercial use

  • We call for city leaders to support the proposals made by WARD as a vision of what UMCH can become

  • We call for city leaders to ensure that WARD and other resident voices are stakeholders as plans move ahead

  • We call for city leaders to recognize that UMCH is a true legacy property, prominent in our past and a beacon for our future.

Katy Brewer

Web Site - katybrewerforcouncil.com

Facebook - Katy Brewer for Council

Instagram - n/a

Twitter - @katyforcouncil

Email - katyforcouncil2021@gmail.com

Mike Duffey



David Robinson







Maggie Sutton

Email: suttonforworthington@gmail.com

Cell: 773-706-5615

Website: suttonforworthington.com

Facebook: SuttonForWorthington

Instagram:@ SuttonForWorthington

UMCH Rezoning Don't Zone Out

The adjacent map shows the current zoning of the former Methodist Children's Home property along High Street in Worthington. This is direcly across High Street from Worthington City Hall. The new landowner Lifestyle Communities is proposing high density residential development on this property with up to 720 dwelling units. The details of the proposal can be reviewed on the City of Worthington's website here.

The map to the right clearly shows the former UMCH property in the middle of the Worthington residential area.

Above is the proposed development of the former UMCH property by Lifestyle Communites. Don't let the subdued colors surrounding the development fool you. These areas are all existing homes in the Worthington Estates and Worthingway subdivisions. The North direction is up and Sub-area 5 on the lower part of the map is the Tucker Creek reserve.

In the left frame are the details of how many proposed living units are planned for each sub area which are outlined in the above map.

I Am Boundless Master Plan